Exile Custom EX2 Chub Scout TM Skimboard

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The EX2 is our improved upgrade from the EX1. The EX2 is fully customizable. Choose your shape, size, thickness, upgrade features, and colors and be prepared for the compliments! The EX2 is limitless.

Key Features of the EX2:

• Enchance E-Glass Reinforcement

• Premium Polyester Resin

• PVC Foam Core

• Textured Finish

• Any Shape, Size, and Thickness

The Chub Scout was designed by the Bracht Brothers, Tom and Dave, and is geared with East Coast (U.S.) conditions in mind, although it's been proven in all types of conditions. This board has a wider mid-point, which maximizes the side-slipping and float capabilities. It is longer and narrower through the nose, giving it lots of drive down the line. The larger surface area provides a ton of pop for tricks and keeps its speed when riding out of them.

3/4'' Tapered to 5/8'' thickness means that the center of the core is 3/4'' thick and thins out to 5/8'' (roughly) in the nose and tail. This creates added buoyancy while keeping the board maneuverable, just not quite as responsive as the 5/8''. This thickness is typically more ideal for slight below average to slightly above average wave height and strength.

This rocker was developed by Sam Stinnett to incorporate more rocker in the nose and tail (approx. 2.5" in the nose), and reduce the footprint of the flat spot on the bottom of the board. This creates a board that turns on a dime in even the largest conditions. It does slightly slow the board down when planing, but if you run as fast as Sam does, that shouldn't hinder you.

Light, Strong, Durable, and preferred by riders who put more emphasis on performance than cosmetics. This is the finish the company was built on and the golden standard in which others imitate. Some sanding required for proper traction adhesion.

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