Loaded Blood Slayer

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When it comes to shaving seconds off your time, small details make a big difference. No board knows this better than Loaded’s Chubby Unicorn. One minute, this loveable, chubby unicorn was on top of the world, the next it was being overtaken by this board, Loaded’s Blood Slayer. The Blood Slayer has the details, style, and construction to help you climb the ranks, too. Its W-Concave sits perfectly in the middle of the deck, giving your feet plenty of flat space to break your tuck and slide. And while the nose and tail aren’t huge, they’re enough to pop tricks and kick turn - a feature not every downhill board of the Blood Slayer’s capabilities has. It features a composite/fiberglass/bamboo construction with an extreme concave and a stiff flex, making it an excellent option for downhill shredding. Slide, tuck, and thrash everything in sight with the board that pushed the Chubby Unicorn off the podium, over the edge, and into a shallow grave. There’s a reason why the urethane sidewalls on the Blood Slayer are blood red, and its bolt holes have been reinforced with urethane - this is one Loaded downhill board that’s not messing around.

  • Downhill Board, Composite/Fiberglass/Bamboo
  • W-Concave, Extreme concave
  • Stiff flex, Urethane reinforced bolt holes
  • Second generation of the Chubby Unicorn
  • Imported

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