Almost Black Double Doves Skateistan Purple 8.0 R7 Skateboard Deck

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Resin-7 Canadian Maple Construction
Mellow Concave / Steep Kick
Width: 8.0" / Length: 31.1" / Wheelbase: 14.25"


Sky Brown for Skateistan
Color: Purple
Skateistan is a non-profit organization empowering children and youth through skateboarding and education.
20% of the proceeds go directly to support

Resin-7 Canadian Maple Construction
7-ply 100% Canadian Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue.
Single Deck Press (Same shape and concave every time).

Why its Better:

Stronger than industry standard 7-ply.
Strong pop.Long deck life.

30 Day Guarantee Against Breakage.

This is best for those that wear a 9.5 in mens or larger

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