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Longboard Skateboards… we got plenty of those! All of your favorite brands of longboard skateboards too: Loaded, Landyachtz, Bustin, Holesom, Sector 9, Penny, Rayne and so much more. Not looking for longboard? No worries we have you covered: bodyboards, wake surfboards, scooters, skimboards – if you can ride it, we have it. Over 15,000+ board products should Don’t worry climbers – we have you covered too! Our climbing/outdoor selection is constantly growing. Check in daily for a bigger selection of climbing shoes, ropes, harnesses and new name brands! Slacklines has quickly become our favorite thing to do here in the shop. Don’t worry we have saved some of the fun for you. Check out our massive selection of slacklines and have fun! Free shipping here in the USA! Skimboards! Don’t forget about our Free Tailpad Giveaway!! When you purchase a Pro Model or other select models we will include a free tailpad and free contenital USA shipping. So if you are within the continental USA we will ship your item for free if you spend over $50. If you are outside of the USA you are in luck. We have worked deals with UPS, DHL and FedEx to enable us to ship to you SUPER FAST without the hassle of dealing with paperwork, customs and duties. Simply make your purchase on the site and you will get your package right at your door without the paperwork hassle or paying more duties and taxes. We handle all of that before it even gets to you. Note that some products are not available for international shipments.

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*Free shipping within the continental USA when you spend over $50
You pay for the shipping, let us pay the VAT and Taxes - no paperwork, no hassle, no extra fees. Seriously!!! The board will be at your front door with no additional fees. XTO will take care of everything for you!! Go ahead and buy that Loaded Icarus or that Sector 9 longboard you have been checking out. Let us know if you have any questions on how the shipping works. Not only do we charge a fair price for shipping, you will be surprised how fast you get your longboard skateboard!


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XTOutfitters is dedicated to bringing you the best selection in board sports and outdoor gear. We constantly add new products and new brands everyday. If you don't see something or a brand that you want, please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can get those items for you. We will always have fair prices - but of course if you spend over $50 you will get free shipping! Don't forget the majority of our longboard skateboards come with FREE SLIDE GLOVES. So essentially you get free shipping and free slide gloves - why would you go anywhere else?! We also have deals on skimboards with free tailpads with a purchase of a pro model skimboard or custom skimboard. Free shipping and free tailpad again, how can you beat that?

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