Victoria Morgan Just Pro Model Skimboard

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Morgan Just is a waterman with skills across different board sports. His love of skimboarding shows in his dedication and his technical style. Morgan needs a board that is reliable and performs 100% of the time as he connects the side wash from 10th St. to the Wedge. He has that in the Morgan Just Pro Model. Perfect for technical tricks and drive in “heavy” surf, this year Morgan has worked on an improved higher rocker of 2.25″ instead of 1.75″ giving a lot more maneuverability and very smooth transition sand-to-water.


Size, Suggested Weight, Dimensions

S, 100 – 150 lbs, 51.5″ x 19.5″

MS, 120 – 170 lbs, 52.2″ x 19.7″

M, 130 – 180 lbs, 52.7″ x 20.0″

L, 160 – 210 lbs, 55.7″ x 21.0″




Core Material:, PVC high density

Core Thickness:, 3/4″ with tapered nose/tail

Fiberglass:, Carbon

Resin:, Vinylester

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