Exile Custom G.O.A.T. Construction Skimboard

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What is the G.O.A.T Construction™? In the sports world G.O.A.T is a common acronym for 'Greatest of All Time', and we think there's a strong argument to be made that our skimboards built with this construction are just that, and here's why: These boards are built with 3 layers of Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber, Premium Epoxy Resin, and reinforced EXCLUSIVELY with S-Glass Fiberglass. This results in a board that's noticeably lighter, stiffer, and stronger than our industry leading Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy construction. Think of the G.O.A.T Construction™ as our Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy on steriods. We've been secretly testing this construction under the feet of our top professionals for well over a year now with fantastic results! And now this construction is available for you!!

Key Features of the G.O.A.T Construction™:

• 3 Full Sheets of Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

• Premium Epoxy Resin

• Reinforced EXCLUSIVELY with multiple layers of S-Glass Fiberglass

• Ultra High Density PVC Foam Core • Double Wrapped Rails

• Every Trick in the Book + Some

• Size, Shape, and Thickness Options for ANY Size Rider in ANY Type of Conditions