Almost Tile Pattern 7.75" Skateboard Deck

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Pick up some killer looks for your skate collection with the Tile Pattern 7.75" skateboard deck from Almost. This deck features a striking tile-like pattern across the bottom in a brilliant orange, yellow and turquoise colorway, throwing some awesome color into your setup! At 7.75" wide, this deck is best suited for smaller-footed riders or those that just want a setup that's light, lean and mean.

  • Tile Pattern 7.75" Skateboard Deck from Almost.
  • Mellow concave, slight additional wheel well depth.
  • Mellow, tapered kick tails.
  • 7-ply resin epoxy glue and single press deck press construction for lightweight durability.
  • Width: 7.75".
  • Length: 31.2".
  • Wheelbase: 14".
  • Imported.
  • Note: Components such as trucks, wheels, and bearings sold separately.
  • Note: Grip tape not applied to the top.
  • Note: Colors and graphics may vary slightly from image.